Finding The Calm Within The Storm

By Nitya Sanath

Life’s been a maelstrom,
Pushing me to the (l)edge
Leaning over, I saw
What lay ahead is worse than what lay behind

“Lean on me”, the voices pleaded
And once more I turned back
Not so much cos of trust or faith
But more so cos of crippling fear

Frail and beaten, forever eaten
by the expectations
of my perfectionist depression
No way out
No way in
Can someone help? Can someone listen?

The fragmented blackholes in my soul
Surface again
Threatening to swallow me whole

Incidents I cannot control, alter, or delete
Impressions that haunt my closed eyes
Images that taunt as nightmares

And just when I thought it was all over
My God of resurrection spoke a new beginning
In a voice that dispelled my haunting darkness
With Eyes of fire, and a heart of flesh

He spoke,
I was there in your black hole
I was there when you felt forsaken
I am the Great I AM
I hold all things together, including the fragments that make up… you.

I rest my questions, I rest my battles
I rest my feelings, I rest my mind
In the everlasting arms of the One
who was forsaken so that I may never be alone
Even in my darkest hour.

nitya-family-picABOUT THE AUTHOR

Nita is an international content writing business owner who homeschools her two lovely daughters living in the lap of salubrious nature, in a village in India. She has a compassionate and talented husband who is her oxygen, next only to God, and she has a pet dog who unconditionally showers me with licks when I am sick of click.

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