BIG Changes, And What They Mean For Sunshine Spoils Milk

Hello my lovely and loyal readers!

(I know; I know: I never write directly to you. Is this weird? I hope this isn’t weird.)

Anywho, I have some BIG news I want to share with y’all, and  I want to let you know how my news  will affect Sunshine Spoils Milk.

When I started this blog in January 2015 it was a place for me to share my thoughts and experiences as a mother living with a mental illness. I hoped to help one other person, to make sure one other person knew they weren’t alone. That was my one and only goal, and based on your feedback, I feel like I have far exceeded that. While some of my pieces relate more to parenting and some skew more the mental health direction, you have been receptive to both. (So thank you!) The good news is that our mission wont change. What will change is how frequently I am posting.

Because what I didn’t think would happen just 10 months ago was that my writing would be so well-received by so many others, and by so many outlets. What I didn’t think would happen was that I would be spending nearly every free minute of every day writing. What I didn’t think would happen was that I would make a full-time job out of writing.

But I have.

As of this week I am officially a staff writer for BUSTLE. More specifically, I am a news and features writer for their yet-to-be launched sister-site Romper: a site for young women, young women with kids! The site is slated to launch next month (November 2015)— and I couldn’t be more excited — but this means you may see less frequent, original content on here.

Don’t worry: I am still very, very dedicated to Sunshine Spoils Milk, our mission, and all of you. That is why instead of churning two or three half-hearted pieces out per week, I plan to focus on writing three or four solid stories per month. You ALL deserve it; you deserve my time, my intention, and the best content I can possibly give.

In the meantime, please follow my journey on BUSTLE and Romper, and keep an eye open for a new piece next week.

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2 thoughts on “BIG Changes, And What They Mean For Sunshine Spoils Milk

  • October 24, 2015 at 2:09 am

    You should be so very proud, as an author, a wife, a mother, and as yourself (although that part should be first yet for emphasis I’ve put it last). You’ve achieved a major blow for the rights of a woman who just happens to have depression, yet it is the depression that made you find your voice. Depression is hard enough to deal with (I should know) without having to be so many different people at once to your child, husband, and friends.
    I also wanted to thank you for inspiring me to finally start my own blog, as I read your story ‘A Letter to Those Affected By My Depression’ in The Mighty magazine and that gave me the courage to open up as myself. I think it’s important that you continue your blog for your sake as well as for your readers, as part of healing is admitting that something is wrong in the first place. My true reason for my blog is admitting that I have type 1 diabetes, a very scary monster to deal with indeed. You gave my the courage to deal with it in my writing. I’m getting more comfortable with it but it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I’m more confident with every post.
    Thanks again Kimberly.

  • October 24, 2015 at 7:59 am

    gosh, superrrr excited for you Kim!! 10 short months is nothing but incredible!!!! Wow!You go girl, inspired!!

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